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Postuar me: 17/11/2013 5:39pm

Afati: 02/02/2014

Niveli: Bachelor, Master, PhD

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Erasmus Mundus Partnerships
(Action 2)

Scholarships for academic exchange 
between EU and Western Balkans

Basileus V is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project and is funded by the European Commission.  The project consortium consists of 10 EU universities and 10 universities in the Western Balkans. Basileus V provides funding for academic mobility from Bachelor to staff from:
  • any Western Balkan institution to one of the EU partner universities 
  • an EU university to one of the Western Balkan partner universities
Via a so-called Target Group 2 any national of the participating Western Balkan countries can apply for a scholarship (except for Bachelor), on condition they have obtained a higher education degree in the Western Balkans. Also EU nationals can apply for a scholarship (except for Bachelor), on condition that they are registered at or obtained a degree from an EU university.For more detailed eligibility criteria, please check this link. Eligible Western Balkan countries are: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99) and Serbia.

More information on Basileus I, Basileus II, Basileus III and Basileus IV can be found here
More information on the current project Basileus V can be found here.
For whom?
Students and staff members of all partner universities, both from the Western Balkan countries and the EU, as well as other nationals from the WEstern Balkans and the EU, can apply for scholarships.
All types of mobility are given a chance: Bachelor, Master, PhD, postdoc and staff. You can check the mobility scheme in detail here. Please note that there is some flexibility in this schedule. 
In which academic disciplines?

Priority goes to Social Sciences, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Business/Management and Languages/Philology. Other fields of study however are allowed as well. You can find an overview of all disciplines here. In order to have more information about programmes at every university, please check the section "partners" on this website.