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Postuar me: 18/10/2011 9:43am

Afati: 05/06/2012

Niveli: Bachelor

Lemia: Kimi



Vendi: Poloni | Gjuha: Angleze

Application schedule for undergraduate students
(2 stipends for the period 11/2012-06/2013)

deadline for sending application forms is June 5th, 2012
candidates with the highest admission scores will be invited for an interview (June 14th, 2012)

information about the recruitment results will be announced before June 20th, 2012

the research work starts November 1st, 2012

in order to be eligible, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

completion of at least their 3rd year in chemistry
good record in organic chemistry
good command in English

the applicants must submit the following documents: 

application including information on cumulative average grade for the studies, grafe for organic chemistry course
information on publications and presentations at scientific conferences, awards and prizes, scholarships, etc. 

degree certificates

all documents must be submitted electronically at

The top candidates selected based on the provided documentation, will be invited for an interview (in English)
to assess their knowledge and skills in asymmetric synthesis and organic chemistry.
In special cases the candidate can be interviewed on-line or on the telephone.
Final decision will be announced to the candidates by phone and/or e-mail as well as at the web page before
June 20th, 2012