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The EIT ICT Labs Masters Programme is a two-year programme with seven technical majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Our students are building a curriculum based on their skills and interests. 19 European top universities, renown researchers and leading businesses are partneredwith EIT ICT Labs to provide technical excellence leading to two master's degrees, the EIT ICT Labs Master's Certificate and hands-on experience.

Students can study at UNITN with a scholarship:

  • 12 scholarships of €3,500 each for EU citizens (NB. tuition fees are waived for EU citizens)
  • 9 full scholarships for non-EU citizens (each covers tuition fee and living expanses)
  • Mobility funds up to €3,000 are offered by EIT ICT Labs Master School


To be selected for UNITN scholarship, you have to choose University of Trento as your entry or exit point.