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Afati: 15/07/2013

Niveli: Bachelor, Master, PhD

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The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) are funded by the New Zealand Government. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit. The NZIDRS provides full tuition fees, plus living and other allowances for successful applicants. Up to ten scholarships are awarded each year. The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships provide financial support for postgraduate students from designated countries seeking postgraduate degrees by research in New Zealand universities.

Funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand, the scholarships aim to:

  • attract top international students
  • maximise the research capability, and output of New Zealand tertiary providers
  • build deeper education partnerships with participating countries and regions
  • enhance the international profile and reputation of New Zealand’s tertiary education institutions.

Entitlements under the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships are as follows:

  • full tuition fees for three (3) years of full-time doctoral study
  • NZ$ 25,000 per annum living allowance (NZ$2,083.33 per month)
  • up to NZ$600 per annum health insurance allowance
  • NZ$2000 (across 3 year tenure) travel allowance. This is intended to be used for conference attendance and field research
  • NZ$800 (across 3 year tenure) book and thesis allowance
  • NZ$500 One-time establishment allowance. Only to be paid to those students who are travelling to NZ specifically to take up the NZIDRS. No student already located in NZ is eligible to receive this amount. Additional funds are not available to support accompanying dependants.

Additional funds are not available to support accompanying dependants, however the children of international PhD students are treated as domestic students in our education system. This means they pay no international fees and have access to learning support.  Partners of PhD students also have some work rights.

For more information, PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS HERE and the Frequently Asked Questions HERE.


Students must:

  • be international students
  • hold an ‘A’ average or equivalent in their studies to date
  • meet the requirements for entry into a research based doctoral degree programme at a New Zealand university. (Please note, this will include proof of English Language proficiency.)
  • provide: An Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE) Certificate.
  • provide evidence that they have been in contact with the relevant department of their chosen institution and discussed their proposed research, research interests and the availability of appropriate supervision.
  • hold English language test scores, achieved no longer than two (2) years prior to the time of application (more details available in the Terms and Conditions HERE


Applications must be received by 15 July 2013. To apply, complete the application form AVAILABLE HERE in English. Sign and date the declaration. Attach the supporting documents as requested within the application form (see checklist). The referee’s report is HERE and the Supervisor’s form is HERE.

Send two (2) hard-copies of your NZIDRS application to the ENZ Scholarships Manager at the address below. One ‘Master’ copy of your application form containing original or Notarised/Certified official supporting documents, together with one (1) photocopy of the application and all supporting documents.

Postal Address (If sending via mail)
Attn: Scholarships Manager
Education New Zealand
PO Box 12-041
New Zealand 6144

OR Courier Address (If sending via courier)

Attn: Scholarships Manager
Education New Zealand
9th Floor, 15 Murphy Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Scanned, e-mailed or faxed application forms and official documents will not be accepted under any circumstances. This is non-negotiable.

If you have questions about the NZIDR scholarships, please contact the Education New Zealand Scholarships Manager at You may see the official website HERE for more information.