Bachelor Bursa nga CEEPUS, Zyra Kombëtare, Kosovë

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Postuar me: 19/02/2011 9:52pm

CEEPUS' offers undergraduate students, graduates and researchers various scholarships within the country members of CEEPUS. CEEPUS' main objectives are to contribute to merging the European Higher Education Area
and European Research Area, use regional academic mobility as a strategic tool to implement Bologna objectives and to enable cooperation with SEE, the Ukraine and Moldavia.


  • Grants are only awarded the best students of many qualified candidates
  • The chosen candidates are not allowed to engage in a gainful employment next besides their academic duties
  • Needs to be a citizen of a CEEPUS country
  • The scholar has to be present on-site and to pursue the research projects and studies as indicated in the application.
  • Student applicants should submit a proof of full-time student status
  • Proof of "equal status" should be required
  • Students should be required to apply to the National CEEPUS Offices in the country where they hold full-time student status
  • Double citizenship: applicants should be required to decide on the status used when first lodging their application and use it throughout the procedure\
  • Teachers applying for a CEEPUS grant should be employed full-time by a university and included in a CEEPUS activity


1-10 months, undergraduate students have to stay at least for 3 months