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Full details of individual scholarships are available on our website ( Please read the individual scholarship criteria carefully before completing your scholarship application form and ensure that you only apply for those scholarships that you are eligible for, and for which you meet the criteria.*

Applications should only be submitted once you hold an offer of a place on a BU course.

Please ensure that your application is clear and legible.

You can use this application form to apply for multiple scholarships. You can apply for any number of scholarships provided you met the eligibility criteria for each; however if your application is successful, you will only be awarded one scholarship. You do not need to send any transcripts or qualifications with your scholarship application form. You may however, wish to enclose other supporting documentation.

All scholarships have a deadline for applications. Late applications may be considered if funds remain.

Successful recipients of scholarships are expected to act as ambassadors for BU and may be asked to contribute to the promotion of future scholarships. Completed application forms should be submitted to askBU Students Service, The Base, Poole House, Talbot Campus, Poole, BH12 5BB, UK. Forms can also be scanned and emailed to
If you have any queries regarding BU Scholarships you can email or
telephone +44 (0) 1202 969696

Scholarships are offered subject to funding and availability.
BU reserves the right to withdraw or amend scholarships without prior notification.
*Postgraduate Scholarships are available for taught programmes only.
For official use only:
Date of application UCAS reference Unit E reference Applicant status Country of residence 3891Scholarship applicants who   
have applied for postgraduate courses in the Business School
When you complete the Personal Statement section of the application, please can you advise in approximately 300 words the qualities which you think make you an outstanding applicant for a BU Scholarship.
You can make reference to:
• Your reasons for applying for the course at BU and how it will benefit you in the future
• Your existing academic record and where you have achieved an exemplary standard in your studies
• Proven level of English proficiency (if English is not your first language)
• Your professional experience to date and your career aspirations
• How you would bring an exciting and valuable global perspective to your course at BU
• Outstanding achievements in the face of adversity and personal achievements
• What motivates you
• Service to the community or charitable work
• Your intentions upon returning to your home country.