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Postuar me: 14/01/2013 1:51pm

Niveli: PhD

Lemia: Informatikë



Vendi: Gjermani | Gjuha: Angleze

Environmental Chemoinformatics PhD position in the HMGU

We have an open PhD position within our activities in WP5 with the main goal to develop software tools for dissemination of information (on the WWW and as a standalone software) and to make the developed software & algorithms user friendly. Scientific subgoals of the position are (but not limited to) development of methodology to predict different end-points (biological, physicochemical), strategies for compounds selection for experimental screening, development and comparison of global and local models (e.g., for compounds classes identified using chemical categories or with clustering), understanding of chemical reactivity of molecules, etc.

We are looking for a PhD student with a background in chemistry or bioinformatics, informatics, computer sciences, physics, etc. Essentially, she(he) should know and like programming (Java is required, knowledge of other languages, in particular C/C++, is advantageous), be able to develop & implement new algorithms (calculation of descriptors, machine learning algorithms, etc.) and/or data visualization in chemistry (e.g., development of Java/Web interfaces, etc.).

Applications should be sent in electronic form to Dr. I.V. Tetko as soon as possible.