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Task description
In the context of the European project COnCEPT research is performed on "collaborative creative design platforms". Using the Internet and web technologies, tools are developed to support collaboration in product design, software development and other related areas. Ultimately, these tools will lead to a shortened design and development time, so that the facilitated cooperation contributes to a more efficient process and a competitive advantage in bringing innovative products and software to the market.
The COnCEPT project will break new ground by establishing a framework, including the required (software) tools, for the remote cooperation of professionals. The emphasis will be on the early stages of the design and development process, including the conceptual design stages, as they receive hardly any attention from today's tools. Better integration of semantic tools, data exchange, innovative internal communication, custom metaphors and tools for collaborative modeling and design will lead to better support for the professional designers.
The Human-Computer Interaction Group of EDM has defined a PhD scholarship in the broad context of the aformentioned project, so including methodological aspects as well as the development of concrete collaborative (design) tools. Hence, the ideal PhD candidate should have experience / interest in user-centered development methods, as these will act as background knowledge to creative processes, conceptual design, prototype development, and evaluation.
  • As the HCI research in EDM is strongly software oriented, the successful candidate should have solid knowledge of and experience with software development.
  • Enthusiastic applicants with excellent study results are invited to apply. Successful applicants have a keen interest in HCI-research and can work independently as well as in team.
  • The candidate has a very good knowledge of English.
Candidates should have a master degree in computer science, a civil engineer degree in computer science or equivalent, preferentially with a specialisation in HCI. Students, who will complete one of these studies during the summer, are also invited to apply.
The successful candidate will receive a scholarship for a period of 2 years, which is extended with another period of 2 years after a positive midterm review.
Further information
Content job responsibilities:
   Prof. dr. Karin CONINX,+32-11-268403,
   Prof. dr. Kris LUYTEN,+32-11-268442,
Content terms of employment and selection procedure: